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Polly Jiacovelli LMT, CLT-LANA

1 Richmond Square, Suite 307 East
Providence, Rhode Island 02906
(401) 383-0583


Polly is a master in manual lymph drainage with a passion for vibrant health and beauty. Her work has had a profound impact on my well-being. MLD has helped eliminate toxins and has had a powerful calming effect on my central nervous system. After a recent week-long intensive I observed visible results in the elasticity of my skin. We all need “a Polly” in our lives and I am blessed.

Jane Delano, Creative Consultant, Providence, Rhode Island


I have had the privilege of knowing Polly Jiacovelli for over 20 years. I met her in 1990 when I was fortunate enough to have her assigned as the massage therapist for my primary lymphedema. I had had lymphedema for over eight years by that time and my left leg was amorphous with no contour to my foot, ankle, calf, and knee. I was delighted, after being treated by Polly, to once again see definition in my leg. Polly has treated my leg several times since then and I have always been more than pleased with the results. I have also been treated by other massage and physical therapists over the years without the success that I had with Polly. She is the consummate professional and her exceptional skill as a massage therapist is only exceeded by her compassion and kindness. I cannot say enough good things about her. I only regret that I live 3,000 miles away so that I cannot be treated by her on a regular basis.

Linda Snell RN, BSN, Fountain Valley, California


Polly Jiacovelli was my MLD therapist for many years and I was very fortunate to have found her. If Polly is your therapist, know that you are in the best possible hands. Her skill and credentials are impeccable. In addition, she is dedicated to her profession and incredibly kind, warm, and nurturing to her clients.

Miriam Korfine, Brooklyn, NY


I have been receiving MLD therapy from Polly for nearly a year now and my condition is much improved. Polly is dedicated to educating her patients as well as treating them. She has helped me better understand the lymphatic system and has been an invaluable ally in helping me to get properly fitting compression garments to maintain my progress. She is a knowledgeable and gifted therapist and, of particular importance to me, very personable.

Sorrel Devine, Director of Resident Services
Providence Housing Authority, Providence, RI


It’s a massage that works like magic – based on science.

Ellen Violett, Writer, New York, New York


Having been a Lymphedema patient since 1995 and in and out of various clinics, I recently found a home in the office of Polly Jiacovelli. Not all Lymphedema therapists are the same or rather their techniques do vary. Polly’s knowledge, expertise and experience have made me a life long patience of hers. As far as compassion goes, her main goal is to get the patient well and she does not give up. Trust me.

Edward Ameen, Accountant and President of the Edward Ameen Agency, Pawtucket, Rhode Island